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5 LinkedIn Activities You Should Be Outsourcing to a VA

Social Tasks for Virtual Assistants

More and more people are starting to catch on to the massive marketing tool that LinkedIn is. It’s not the prettiest or most functional platform but it is the World’s Largest Business Database. Business owners who operate in the B2B space are jumping on board to tap into that database. Starting any social media strategy can be overwhelming. There are just so many options, and implementing something to effectiveness is rather time consuming.

A great way to take advantage of LinkedIn – but not lose time! – is to hire a virtual assistant to manage it for you.

Here are the top 5 LinkedIn tasks I recommend you outsource. 

1. Identify and connect with your LinkedIn prospects

This can be a very time-consuming activity. Providing your virtual assistant with a description of your ideal client and having them search and connect with them on LinkedIn is a great way to ensure a highly consistent level of growth for your database and pool of prospects.

Keep in mind, LinkedIn has daily restrictions on connecting with new people so make sure your Virtual Assistant either understands and knows those limits or you do so that you can let them know.

2. Liking & commenting on relevant social posts 

Engaging with your community is a massive part of any social strategy. Being seen, and being seen consistently is key. So, have your VA like and comment on a set number of posts each day to ensure you are constantly being seen – this will help establish you as an expert.

Bonus tip – Have your VA respond to comments on your own post. Showing appreciation for those who engage with your content will encourage more engagement!

3. Endorse your social connections

People love endorsements! Not only is this a great way to have your name and face continue to pop up on your feed and your prospects’ feeds, it is also a really great conversation starter when they turn around to thank you.

4. Data Gathering

As mentioned, LinkedIn is the world’s biggest business database and whilst you can’t export a list of your connections’ contact details you CAN have your virtual assistant sift through your connections to manually search for emails and phone numbers on your connections’ profiles to build your own database.

This data is priceless and will allow you to touch base with your contacts outside of LinkedIn to maximise your chances of lead generation.

5. Join LinkedIn Groups

Groups on LinkedIn are highly undervalued. Having your virtual assistant join relevant groups provides 2 large benefits: 

Expands your reach

  • As a member of a group, if you do a post, share an article or even comment on someone else’s post, all of a sudden your content and name are shared across every member of that group – not just those you are connected with. So having your VA join groups and be active in them is going to largely increase the number of people who are seeing you everyday.

Helps you find and connect with prospects

  • There are many different ways to find your target prospects on LinkedIn, but one less obvious way is to target people who are in a relevant LinkedIn group. For example if you are a Buyer’s Agent who helps ONLY first home buyers, they can be very hard to find on LinkedIn given their professional background has nothing to do with their status as a first home buyer. But if you join a group called “Tips for First Home Buyers” then you have a solid group full of people who have self identified as being in your target market group. This, in combination with the above (expanding your reach), is incredibly powerful!

There are  many more tasks that your Virtual Assistant could help with to save your time, build your presence on LinkedIn and generate leads but you don’t want to overwhelm them, so this is going to be a great place to start.

For more tips, be sure to check out our new book, The Virtual Assistant Advantage

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