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Avoiding Common Mistakes with Virtual Assistants

Managing a Virtual Assistant, Managing Remote Teams

Imagine having a skilled and reliable assistant to handle your scheduling, emails, social media, or even research tasks. Filipino VAs, in particular, are renowned for their excellent communication skills, cultural adaptability, and dedication. However, we’ve all heard the horror stories about how a VA ‘didn’t work out.’ We’ve hired hundreds of virtual assistants are there is a common theme when it comes to engagements not working out. Here are the most common mistakes people make when working with a VA:

Mistake #1: Unclear Instructions and Expectations

Think of your VA as an extension of yourself. The clearer your instructions, the better they can complete tasks as you envision them. Avoid vague requests like “work on that project.” Instead, break down the project into actionable steps and provide deadlines. Don’t forget to be clear on desired outcomes and don’t be afraid to offer examples. Importantly, make it clear to the VA that if they’re not sure, then they should ask you.

Mistake #2: Micromanaging

While clear communication is crucial, micromanaging is counterproductive. Trust your VA’s expertise and allow them the space to work independently. Constant monitoring stifles initiative and slows down progress. Schedule regular check-ins to discuss progress and address any concerns, but empower your VA to own their tasks. People make mistakes, don’t berate or scold – encourage them to own their mistakes and grow from them.

Mistake #3: Not Setting Boundaries

Just like any working relationship, boundaries are essential. Communicate your preferred communication methods (email, chat, phone calls) and working hours. Respect your VA’s time as well. Avoid late-night emails or unreasonable deadlines unless necessary. If your VA feels unappreciated or overworked, they’ll leave. (This is the most common issue when you hear that a VA ‘ghosted’ someone.)

Mistake #4: Failing to Provide Training and Resources

Equipping your VA for success is key. Provide them with access to relevant training materials, style guides, or company information. Invest some time in onboarding them to your specific workflow and tools. A well-equipped VA is a more productive and efficient VA.

Mistake #5: Not Investing in the Relationship

Remember, your VA is a real person, not a robot. Take a moment to build a relationship. A little bit of small talk goes a long way in fostering a positive working relationship. Understanding their strengths and weaknesses will allow you to delegate tasks more effectively. If someone isn’t interested in getting to know their VA, the chances are the engagement will have problems. A VA requires management and support, just like the rest of us.

Bonus Tip: Embrace the Time Difference

Filipino VAs often work in a different time zone so use this to your advantage. Schedule tasks that can be completed overnight, like research or social media monitoring. This allows you to hit the ground running the next morning.

By avoiding these common mistakes and fostering a healthy working relationship, you can unlock the true potential of your Filipino VA. They can become an invaluable asset, freeing up your time to focus on what matters most – growing your business or achieving your personal goals.

Ready to Find Your Perfect Match?

We specialize in connecting businesses with highly qualified Filipino VAs. We understand your needs and can help you find the perfect fit for your team. Contact us today to learn more and take the first step towards a more productive and efficient you!

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