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How We Train and Develop the Best Virtual Assistants

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That’s right, we’re the best. That might sound a bit braggy, but stay with me and I’ll show you how we hire the best virtual assistants and then train and keep them for longer than anyone else.

And away we go!


3.085%. That’s an exact statistic. Since our inception in 2019, we have hired just over 3% of the people that have applied to be virtual assistants with us. We could have hired more and made more money, but that would have messed with our other metrics – retention of clients and VAs.

Training and Ongoing upskilling

We hire based on attitude and skillsets. We hire people to specialise in particular tasks and role – recruitment assistant, marketing VA, virtual bookkeeper and virtual executive assistant. For most VA businesses, that’s the end of the story – the candidate is placed with a client and everyone gets on with their lives. Not us. We have an ongoing training and upskilling program designed for two things –

  • Expand the skillset of your VA (everyone wins)
  • Helping you get more done (you win)

Of course, this also means that you stay a client of LVA for longer, and we like that very much. Our training program is constantly growing and includes videos, workbooks and pathways to improvement. For example, your recruitment VA could end up being your marketing VA, if they have the interest and aptitude. Of course, you can always just hire another VA!


Oh man, we’ve got so much support that our clients forget what they did before they found us. Every client gets an account manager who is based in our Brisbane office in New Farm. This is their point of contact for any issues with their VA or workload, or opportunities – needing more support. Once a month our clients get a performance report and have a meeting with their account manager to look at the numbers (time on task etc) and make sure they’re getting great value.

The support doesn’t end with the client, however. All our VAs are part of a team of VAs who report into a team leader. This support structure means that if they have any questions about a particular task, or if they just need someone to chat to, there’s always someone available. We consider our VAs the most important people in our business and believe me when I say, we treat them as such. Not appreciating the talent is a great way to make sure they leave.

So, we’re the bet. But don’t take my word for it. Click here to book a no-obligation chat with a team member.

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