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Linked VA is a virtual assistant service that takes the frustration and uncertainty out of your next VA hire.

Amy Wallin

Chief Executive Officer

Diana P

PH Operations Manager

Alysia G

Client Success Manager

Maria S

Marketing Team Leader

Rhys Knight

Marketing Manager

Tim Starr

Outsourcing Consultant

Paolo P

Training Manager

Renielle C

Media Team Leader

Archie R

Client Success Manager

Nyssa P

Account Manager

Dhel A

HR Administrator

Kim N

Recruitment Specialist

Charisse S

Squad Leader

Roel D

Squad Leader


We supply busy business owners with pre-trained virtual assistants to manage time-consuming – but necessary – daily tasks. Our virtual assistants can manage administrative tasks, social media management, scheduling and a variety of other specialised tasks.

Founded in 2019, LinkedVA has grown rapidly since its launch and now operates across four continents. As entrepreneurs ourselves, we recognize the challenge of building a business while also managing the daily tasks necessary to see sustainable growth. Our aim at LinkedVA is to provide business owners with a proven, reliable path to hiring and engaging a virtual assistant.

Every LinkedVA virtual assistant goes through a comprehensive in-house training program before they are matched with a client. And each LinkedVA client has a dedicated on-boarding specialist to ensure that our VAs are the right fit for their particular business needs.

LinkedVA offers a range of virtual assistant services for small businesses, including:

  • Administrative Tasks: calendar management, email inbox
  • Creative Tasks: graphic design, content development, content repurposing, social image creation
  • Social Media Tasks: LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram management, social audience engagement, social lead generation
  • Sales support: CRM management, prospect follow-ups, appointment scheduling

With a virtual assistant from LinkedVA, you’ll save hours of your time every day, so you can focus on the activities that grow your business.

Contact us to learn more about how our Virtual Assistants can help you reach your business goals.


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Leverage yourself with offshore virtual assistants for different roles in your business:

Tailored Hires

Custom recruited virtual assistants when you need an offshore hire to fit to your specific requirements:

Graphic designers Developers Cold Callers Video Editors and More...

Core values

At Linked VA we share these 5 core values that we carry in everything we do everyday to achieve greatness for ourselves, our company and our clients:

  • We only accept awesome

In everything we do, we only accept awesome. Awesomeness for our team, our clients and in everything we do.

  • We are HOT

We communicate with honesty, openness, and transparency.

  • We strive to be better together.

We help each other, grow together, support each other, and care for each other - whether it is our working responsibility or not.

  • We are our own leaders.

Our personal and professional growth starts with us.

  • We work smarter, not harder.

Even though we have some of the hardest working staff, they know that efficiency is king! That means less work to get better results.