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How a Virtual Assistant Can Help Grow Your Business

Content Tasks for Virtual Assistants, Social Tasks for Virtual Assistants

A virtual assistant may be the answer if you’re looking for more leads, higher conversion or better client retention.
Having a VA on your team means you can create a sustainable and flexible business development system that can work and improve even when you’re not working.
Like any other system, bringing a VA on board requires a series of processes to ensure you’re set up for success.

Step 1. Diagnose the Issue

Most business growth issues fall into one of two categories.

  • Not enough/low-quality leads
  • Poor/inconsistent engagement
  • Substandard account management

By understanding the problem, we can provide suitable training and ongoing support for your VA in line with a solution that fits your business.

Step 2. Define the Solution

In the case of not having enough leads, the solution may be consistent marketing on social media or connecting with people on LinkedIn and starting a meaningful conversation.
When it comes to engagement, your VA may run ongoing email or SMS campaigns, create articles for you to publish or manage your database.
If you don’t have time for effective account management, your VA may create client newsletters, surveys or value-adds that keep you top of mind.
Of course, each business is unique, but a well-diagnosed solution will usually combine these things.

Step 3. Testing, Improvement, Testing, Improvement…

We all wish business growth processes were ‘set and forget.’ It would be fantastic if it were as simple as finding something that works and sticking with it.
Unfortunately, the economy changes, client motivations change, viewing habits change, new social media channels appear, and what worked last month may not work now.
Our account management team runs regular catch-ups with you and your VA to make sure the system is still effective. If there are significant changes in your industry, just let us know, and we’ll work with you to create a solution. Your VA is constantly upskilled and trained in the latest technology for this exact purpose. They’re improving, and your business is improving.

Bringing on a virtual assistant is about solving business problems and increasing effectiveness. If you’re experiencing bottlenecks in lead development, engagement or conversion, reach out to our team and let’s see if a VA is right for you.

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