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9 Tasks Top-Performing Recruiters Don’t Do

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So, you’ve got a goal of being a top–performing recruiter. Perhaps to you that means – 

  • High billings and income
  • More free time 
  • Weekends to yourself / with your family
  • Doing only what you enjoy at work
  • Spending more time with the high-value clients you need to grow your business
  • Less transactional work and tasks

All these goals can be boiled down to two things – 

  1. Doing more high-value tasks
  2. Doing less/no low-value tasks

Imagine removing all those annoying jobs from your calendar. Those ‘busy being busy’ tasks that need to be done, but shouldn’t be done by you. What would you do with that extra time, knowing that the work is still getting done to a high standard?

The recruiters we talk to say that when they complete an analysis of their daily tasks they find that ‘administration’, including resume screening, advertising for candidates and reports for clients, takes up more than half of their time. That means they’re undervaluing their time, which could be better spent with their families or on the tasks that actually grow their business.

Before you read the following list, please note that all LinkedVA’s are trained for you personally and have ongoing reviews and upskilling based on your specific requirements.

Here are nine tasks your recruitment VA should be doing for you:

1. Candidate Management

Your VA can manage your candidates for you. They will make sure everyone is constantly contacted and your important candidates are actively engaged with you. Importantly, because you have a dedicated VA, they’re dealing with an individual, not a call centre.

2. Manage and Improve Your Social Media Presence

You’ve got good intentions of reaching out to people on LinkedIn or posting to Instagram, but you simply do not have the time. Socials are important for identifying candidates and clients and also for your reputation and visibility in the market.

3. Run Your Calendar and Inbox

Loads of emails and meeting requests? Need to change an appointment? Not a problem; your VA will manage your emails and make any changes required to your calendar. If an urgent client meeting means you need to cancel an interview, message your assistant, and they’ll handle it.

4. Resume Screening

As the economy evolves, more candidates are vying for your attention. Your VA will screen candidates based on your criteria. Make it as broad or specific as possible. Perhaps you’d like a summary of each candidate in a certain template or a report on the various skillsets available. Remember to make a list of important skills and backgrounds so they can be sent to you immediately.

5. Candidate Sourcing

You’ve got a list of in-demand roles and you want to be all over candidates in those areas. But do you have a system to make sure this list is being managed and is always growing? Your VA can conduct specific research using a well-defined criteria, send messages and emails and alert you when someone moves roles or wishes to make a change.

6. Write and Publish Ads

You need ads up fast, they need to be good and you know what you like. The good news is, your recruitment VA is trained in writing job ads and, because they’ve been through training with you in mind, they know what you want, your formatting requirements and the style of voice you prefer.

7. Resume Reviewing/Writing/Formatting

Reviewing and responding to resumes is a lot of work – especially when there are so many unqualified candidates. Your VA can remove unqualified candidates, create a longlist or even a shortlist of candidates if you wish. All email responses can be sent and personalised based on your requirements also.

8. Reference Checks

Reference checks are a great way to engage with clients you may not have spoken to before – they can also be a massive time suck. Choose the references that you want to do yourself and pass the rest off to your VA.

9. Performance and Reporting

Do you complete regular reports for your clients on metrics such as how many candidates have been identified, number of interested candidates and average salary expectations? Your VA can consolidate these numbers for you and even put together a well-designed report for each client with your company branding on it.

If you’re wanting to take your business to the next level, you know that you can’t keep taking up time and mental space with admin tasks. Talk to us about how to become more effective and grow your team virtually.

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