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Get Over the Guilt of Not Being Busy

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In a cult, you’re told what to believe and are expected to follow blindly.

The cult of busyness is once we’ve all been a member of at some stage.
“How are you?” a friend asks.
“Busy,” you reply.
She gives you a nod. After all, she’s busy too – it’s how being successful is measured.

People who have things under control, take Fridays off or stop working early a few days a week to spend time with their family aren’t successful – they’re lazy. Or business is quiet. Or they’re avoiding work for some reason.

Most businesses have loads of competitors, and if you ask the business owner their biggest challenge, they’ll say, ‘standing out in a crowded market,’ or ‘improving our product so we can compete with X,’ or freeing myself up so I can work on the business.’
Or the big one – ‘getting back to doing what I’m good at,’ which is almost always what they love doing most.

Product development.

If the owner focuses on what they love, more of that will get done, and the business will grow.
If they spend their time on cheap tasks (the ones they don’t pour their heart into), they will slow down and feel frustrated, and the effort and focus won’t go into the tasks that improve the business.
If you’re busy doing cheap tasks all day, you’ll be tired.
You’ll have limitless energy if you’re working on things you love.

At Linked VA, we supply virtual assistant solutions, but that’s the least important part of our offering. The real value is hidden behind training, support, management and reactive problem-solving. Having a VA should enhance your work life and help you get back to doing the things you love, not give you more busy work.

At the centre of this is your VA, who needs to be supported, engaged and given opportunities to develop personally and professionally. They get better, and you get better – everyone wins.
Want to learn more about how we make your life easier, give you more energy and get you doing what you love?

Click here, or email [email protected]

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