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Blatant Sales Pitch – Why Linked VA?

Hiring a Virtual Assistant, Managing a Virtual Assistant

Today, we’re coming in hot with all the reasons you should get a virtual assistant and why that VA should be from us.

It’s a hard sell.
There will be no mercy.
Buckle up.

Reason 1. We take care of everything. Seriously.

Here’s Emma our Ops Manager, taking care of things.

Do you like lists? Check out this list of things you get when you work with Linked VA. This is what you’d have to do yourself if you hired a part-time or full-time virtual assistant:

Account management
Team leader management (your VA has a team leader)
Team huddles
Upskilling sessions
All the HR bits and pieces
Health insurance and physical checks

But wait, there’s more. We’ve got online things –

Time tracking software
Training resource room
Human resources systems
Payment systems
Communication systems
Employment legalities and contracts

And, because we LOVE our VAs and know that happiness is important –

Quarterly team contests
Team building days
Christmas parties
HR coaching and retention
Celebrations for anniversaries/ birthdays

In other words, you can get a virtual assistant without the administrative and HR hassle.

Reason 2. We guarantee our work.

Just like any working relationship, getting a new virtual assistant sometimes doesn’t work out. There may be a personality clash, or you decide you need additional skills, or something doesn’t click.
Regardless, we will replace your VA at our cost.

You can rest assured you’ll get the right person for your business.

Reason 3. We’re all about communication.

We’re in a service-based business that requires effective communication between you and your virtual assistant, and us and you, and the VA and us…I think that’s all.
Anyway, our account managers are based in our (lovely) Brisbane office and they’re there to help. You’ll get regular calls and emails, and if there are any problems or questions, flick them a message.

Reason 4. You can grow faster with less risk, less cost and less hassle.

Yeah, now we’re getting into the real hard sell!

Our whole thing is about helping you grow your team without the massive cost, administrative headaches and the risk of scaling too quickly or being hit by a downturn in the market.
We know you want to grow, but it can be scary. A new employee means a whole library of new rules, laws, requirements, and probably some other things. We take care of that and let you focus on growing your business.
Many of our clients end up with multiple VAs because once you see the system at work, you’ll understand that scaling doesn’t have to cost a lot or be stressful.

Reason 5. Our VAs are Awesome

This isn’t even part of the hard sell – it’s just a fact. Our selection process means only the best candidates are selected for our training and welcomed into our team.

Our training is specific to our clients, which fall into two categories – 

  1. Standard VA – You need someone to manage your calendar, prioritise your inbox, reply to emails or other general admin duties.
  2. Specialist VA – You need a qualified accountant or someone with unique skills, or you’re in an industry with specific requirements.

Either way, our selection and training process puts the right people in the right place. We believe in them because we’ve worked hard to ensure a good fit.

Did our hard sell work? If you’d like a no-pressure (we promise) 15-minute chat with one of our team, click here or email [email protected].

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